Cahiers du GRETHA - 2019


2019-08Solidarities towards disadvantaged households. The case of households headed by women,
Jossie Randriamiandrisoa, Jérôme Ballet
2019-07Contests with an uncertain number of prizes,
François Maublanc, Sébastien Rouillon
2019-06Luxury relying on banking and finance (19th-21st centuries),
Hubert BONIN
2019-05The Right Job and the Job Right: Novelty, Impact and Journal Stratification in Science,
Nicolas Carayol, Agenor Lahatte, Oscar Llopis
2019-04Dura lex sed lex: why implementation gaps in environmental policy matter?,
Eric Brouillat, Maïder Saint-Jean
2019-03Highly skilled and well connected: Migrant inventors in Cross-Border M&As,
Diego USECHE, Ernest MIGUELEZ, Francesco LISSONI
2019-02The year 1819 epitomizing the issues and challenges of modernity after the Revolution and Empire,
Hubert Bonin
2019-01Evaluative judgments between positive and normative: For an axiological economy,
Jérôme Ballet

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