Cahiers du GRETHA - 2018


2018-10Shock Diffusion in Large Regular Networks: The Role of Transitive Cycles,
2018-09The volatility effect of diaspora’s location: A migration portfolio approach,
Eric Rougier, Nicolas Yol
2018-08Do Patent Assertion Entities Harm Innovation? Evidence from Patent Transfers in Europe,
Gianluca Orsatti, Valerio Sterzi
2018-07Risk averse policies foster bio-economic sustainability in mixed fisheries,
Violaine Tarizzo, Eric Tromeur, Olivier Thébaud, Richard Little, Sarah Jennings, Luc Doyen
2018-06The emergence of maritime insurance in Bordeaux port-city in the 19th century,
Hubert Bonin
2018-05International Trade, Quality Sorting and Trade Costs: The Case of Cognac,
Charlotte Emlinger, Viola Lamani
2018-04Viability standards and multi-criteria maximin,
Pedro Gajardo, Luc Doyen
2018-03A generic metric of resilience from resistance to transformation,
Luc Doyen, Christophe Béné
2018-02Explaining the structure of collaboration networks: from firm-level strategies to global network structure,
Johannes van der Pol
2018-01Fair Trade and the Fetishization of Levinasian Ethics,
Jerome Ballet, Delphine Pouchain

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